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Mission Statement:

The objective of Amaris is to create and support lodges and resorts that offer a peaceful and eco-friendly interaction with the natural environment and the people in order to provide an authentic and unique hospitality experience for the customers.


Many Independent hotel owners would like to see their turnover improve but find it increasingly difficult to compete with major hotel chains to gain more customers. We understand the difficulty of managing a smaller unit in this highly competitive and global environment.

We will give you access to efficient, modern, management and marketing tools through our vast network of professionals, who will transmit their experience and knowledge to you.

The Amaris Management team can help your business move forward in several ways:

  • An experienced team can take over the day to day management of your hotel on your behalf,
  • You may outsource the Marketing services only and remain completely independent for your hotel's management. We provide a highly responsive marketing strategy that optimises business opportunities both locally and internationally: targeted segments, market analysis, representation in the major markets.
  • Staff training is also a key area where Amaris Management can offer its expertise: Our training will motivate your staff to take pride in providing excellent service. We create a personalised management manual to set Amaris management standards and commitment to market leadership.
  • If you are an entrepreneur in the process of creating a hospitality business, Amaris Management can help you move your project from the idea to the formulation of the project and its concept (strategic business plan), from the legal aspects to the actual building.

AMARIS has a total commitment to achieving superior revenues and profits through active marketing and management, provided that the service follows the set standards.
Amaris guarantees the hotelier that his/her establishment will be acquiring renown, prestige and value.

Who are Amaris Management?

Dominique Berger has more than 20 years experience in the hospitality industry in Morocco and in Kenya. She has management skills (MBA), a natural eye for detail and is very customer oriented in her approach.

From the project feasibility study to the management of hotels, the Amaris management team of international hospitality professionals will achieve the targets we will have set together in the agreed time frame.

The team also has at its disposition local and international consultants that can be called upon for their expertise when needed: designers, architects, chefs etc.

Event Management

Events co-organizer:
Xplore - Travel Fair